Safety Tips

Prevents sudden Bike tire burstBike is a very necessary vehicle for us. We use bikes every day for various tasks. Through the bike we are benefited on the one hand as well as harmed a lot. Although in most cases we face losses due to our carelessness. One such thing is bike tire burst. Today we will know about what can be done to prevent sudden bike tire burst.Generally during summer when it is very hot and there is a lot of sun during most of the day, there is a possibility of bike tire burst. But we can reduce the risk as wellBangla....English
Safety Tips for Motorcycle Sharing the RoadSafety Tips for Motorcycle Sharing the Road is :1. Wear a helmet! Hopefully you already have this one covered… no pun intended! A helmet is essential for safe riding. Helmets are your best defense against a serious brain injury should you get in a motorcycle accident. Not all states require that you wear a helmet, but you should. Make sure it fits securely and is up to the highest safety standards.2. Get comfortable with your motorcycle. Each motorcycle is unique, so if you’ve upgraded or gotten a new one, you should take some time to try it out and get....English
We have all heard it – each every day motorcycle crash news now its a common news for us. Here are my Top-10 Street Riding Survival Tips... 1. No drugs, no alcohol when riding. If you take prescription drugs know whether the medication has known side effects such as slowed reaction times, dizziness, drowsiness and so on. This can be particularly important if the dosage of any medication you regularly take is changed or other medications are added or stopped. Medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, smoking cessation and some other conditions can be particularly prone to having side....English
You have probably seen this all-too-familiar scenario play out during a race or even experienced it yourself: A rider crashes or rides off the track, and the following rider—seemingly mesmerized by the drama unfolding in front—follows the errant rider right off the track. The phenomenon is commonly referred to as target fixation and can be a huge problem for riders on the street just as much as on the racetrack. Target fixation is a panic reflex. When confronted with a dangerous situation or something unusual suddenly appearing in our field of vision, our natural instinct is to look directly atBangla....English
Safety in Gear When talking about ways to enhance your safety on a motorcycle, most people think of helmets, knee or elbow protectors, or leather suits. True, all these things are meant to make you safer. But don't forget that there is a more direct way to enhance your own safety.Avoiding Accidents You can enhance your safety by doing everything to avoid an accident (primary or active safety), or by making sure that the damage, in case of an accident, is as minimal as possible (secondary or passive safety).Car Versus Motorcycle In fact, the big difference between driving a car....English