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Bangladesh is a developing country and we are looking forward to be a developed country but we all know that without good transporting we cannot reach our goal. Bangladesh has improved lot in road, Electricity and transport and one of the preferable, fashionable and main vehicles of transportation in our country is E-bike. People of Bangladesh now become more concern about fashion and comfort specially youth generation and corporate employee as a result they are choosing E-bike as a transport medium, Saving cost, low maintenance and environment friendly. But it is very difficult for the E-bike lovers to get quality information or updated information about E-bike. That's why we (Exploit) are here to support our E-bike lovers.

Exploit is the first and bring beautiful design and quality about E-bike in Bangladesh. We published E-bike specifications, price, news, tips, reviews, Safety, showroom address and brand details etc. Our prime goal is to provide E-Bike related necessary information to the visitors in easy way. We also share user experiences and their valuable opinion about their bike. So that our visitors can get some idea about the E-bike they are looking for.
We provide specifications of E-bike so that our visitors can get details information about our listed E-bike. This information will help them to compare one bike to another and take right decision regarding E-bike selection.

Through the news we provide updated information about E-bikes it also includes upcoming E-bike news in Bangladeshi market.
To get good service from E-bike it is very important to maintenance the E-bike in proper way. So we are providing some important instruction to our E-bike lover. With the help of our given instruction a E-bike lover can maintain his E-bike in his own house. After All it is very low maintenance and easy handling.

Reviews provided by the experience of bike owners, here bike owners sharing their views about bike. It includes advantages, disadvantages and valuable suggestions regarding the bike.

We also providing showroom address and brand details etc. with the help of showroom address our visitors can get the chance to visit their nearest bike showroom to get his dream bike. We all know Quality is a very important factor to purchase any product. When it is about E-bike then it’s become more concern. So we are sharing information as much as possible about higher quality product in Bangladesh.