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Moto Morini is an Italian motorcycle manufacturing company that was started by Alfonso Morini in the year 1937 in Bologna. The company is best known for their powerful V-twin engines and classy styling. Moto Morini has seen various rough patches like losses in sales, numerous transitions of powers and even voluntary liquidation. The company is back in market now with improved range of motorcycles.

Prior to giving birth to the Moto Morini brand, Alfonso was funded by Mario Mazzetti to manufacture motorbikes under the MM brand name. After their split in 1937, Alfonso Morini started producing 350 cc and 500 cc three wheelers which were light and fuel efficient machines and were favoured by government regulations. The most successful model was Moto Morini M610 which had advance features like cardan driveshaft but their production stopped after the start of World War II.

In 1943, the Moto Morini production plant was bombed. The company managed to bounce back and came out with a new three-speed transmission, single cylinder, and two-stroke motorcycle named T125 in 1946. Models like GranTurismo, Rebello, Settebello and Supersport were also produced in the following years. In 1956, the production plant was shifted to a larger base in Via Bergami. During this period, the company saw a lot of success in various motorcycle championships.

Alfonso Morini died in 1969 leaving the management of the company into the hands of his daughter Gabriella Morini. The following year France Lambertini joined Moto Morini leaving Ferrari and the first 72 degree V-twin engine motorcycles were produced by the company, in early 1970s, designed by him. The company suffered financial turmoil in the 1980s and was sold to the Cagiva group in 1987. Things didn’t improve and in 1993 the Via Bergami facility was closed. Later the company was sold to Texas Pacific Group in 1996.

In 1999, Morini’s nephew-owned company Morini Franco Motori Spa bought the rights to the name. Models like Corsaro 1200, 9½, Corsaro Veloce, 1200 Sport, 1200 Avio and Scrambler were produced. But losses made the company go into liquidation in the year 2009 only to bounce back in 2102 with a limited edition Rebello 1200. The company now sells its bikes in European markets via their website wherein a dealers’ network provides assistance for the bikes. It is now venturing into foreign markets in agreement with other manufactures.Present available models includes Moto Morini 11 ½, Scrambler, Rebello 1200, Granpasso 1200, Corsaro 1200 Veloce. All these bikes have the 87 degree, 1200 cc, V twin engines along with steel tube trellis-type frame, 50mm Marzocchi forks and Brembo brakes. These features paired with peculiar yet classy looks, makes these motorcycles fit for an envious thrilling ride.