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Suzuki Bikes Price List BD

Bike NameEngine (CC)MileagePrice in BD
Suzuki Gixxer SF Double Disc154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,49,950
Suzuki Gixxer Single Disc154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 1,74,950
Suzuki Hayate112.8 cc 80 KmplBDT: 89,950
Suzuki SlingShot Plus124 cc 70 KmplBDT: 1,49,900
Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS154.9 cc 50 KmplBDT: 2,79,950
Suzuki Intruder 150 ABS154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,75,000
Suzuki Intruder 150 Fi ABS154.9 cc 42 KmplBDT: 2,99,000
Suzuki Access 125 Drum124 cc 64 KmplBDT: 1,40,000
Suzuki Burgman Street124.3 cc BDT: 2,35,917
Suzuki GSX-R150147.3 cc 49 KmplBDT: 3,50,000
Suzuki Lets112.8 cc 63 KmplBDT: 1,36,917
Suzuki Bandit 150147.3 cc 50 KmplBDT: 3,19,950
Suzuki Gixxer Dual Disc154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,29,990
Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone DD154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 1,99,950
Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone SD154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 1,74,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Double Disc154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,59,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP SD154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,49,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF Single Disc154.9 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,39,950
Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition124 cc 55 KmplBDT: 1,65,000
Suzuki Access 125 Disc124 cc BDT: 1,45,000
Suzuki Hayate Special Edition112.8 cc 50 KmplBDT: 94,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF Carburetor154.9 cc 50 KmplBDT: 2,59,950
Suzuki Gixxer 155 FI ABS155 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,39,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi154.9 cc BDT: 2,29,950
Suzuki Hayate EP113 cc 70 KmplBDT: 1,09,950
Suzuki Gixxer 155 2019155 cc 64 KmplBDT: 2,19,950
Suzuki GSX 125125 cc 60 KmplBDT: 1,34,950
Suzuki Samurai 150150 cc BDT: 1,49,950
Suzuki GSX-R Dual ABS147.3 cc 45 KmplBDT: 3,79,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi 155 100th Anniversary Edition155 cc 40 KmplBDT: 2,91,950
New Suzuki Gixxer 155 Carburetor155 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,24,950
New Suzuki Gixxer 155 Fi ABS155 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,44,950
New Suzuki Gixxer SF Carburetor155 cc 45 KmplBDT: 2,71,950
Suzuki GSX-R150 100th Anniversary Limited Edition147.3 cc 45 KmplBDT: 3,95,000
Suzuki Bandit Dual Channel ABS147.3 cc 50 KmplBDT: 3,49,950
Suzuki in Bangladesh

RANCON Motor Bikes Ltd. (RMBL), the only Manufacturer and country distributor of SUZUKI Motor Corporation - Japan for their world-renowned SUZUKI Motorcycles. RMBL is one of the most prominent ventures of the RANCON Group and a premier conglomerate of Bangladesh. The journey of RMBL commenced in the summer of 2012 with a team of only three. The first shipment of bikes was due to arrive in the following summer and was sold out months before arrival. Since then, just like in other countries around the globe, owning a Suzuki motorcycle in Bangladesh has become a privilege. Fast forward to 2018, with a team of 360, Suzuki Bangladesh has successfully started its own fully equipped Manufacturing Plant of over 140,000sft in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Since then, it has created a prominent footprint in the motorcycle industry of Bangladesh by being a Manufacturer of Motorcycles. Striving to implement the practical initiatives required for achieving its vision and guided by a relentless focus on values, the company maintains close relations with its foreign partners and also local stakeholders thereby guaranteeing high-quality motorbikes, with genuine parts and efficient after-sales service to their valued customers all over the country. RMBL believes in delivering operational excellence to meet commitments. Furthermore, with diversification and a variation of products, it has earned a prestigious reputation among everyone as the distributor of premium quality brands and services. We're confident that you'll see why now, more than ever, Suzuki is THE Way of Life for every motorcycle rider around the globe.