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Taro All Bikes Price in Bangladesh

Latest Taro Bikes Price List in Bangladesh 2021

Bike Model Engine (cc) Price in Bangladesh
Taro GP 1 V3 155.2 ৳ 356,000
Taro GP One Naked Sport 149.9 ৳ 299,000
Taro GP-1 Special Edition 149.9 ৳ 336,000
Taro F16 CT Max 124.9 ৳ 190,000
Taro GP 1 (One) 149.9 ৳ 306,000
Taro GP 2 (Two) 149.9 ৳ 290,000

Know More About Taro

Taro Bangla is a exclusive sports motorcycle dealership which has been stablished in the month of February 2018. This is a concern of Sikder Group of Enterprises. Taro Bangla is importing Sports motorcycle in Bangladesh in a very reasonable price with all kind of latest facilities and options keeping the mass people who loves sports Bike. The mother company of Taro Bangla is ISO and Euro Grade 4 certified by which it proves that the motorcycle imported by Taro Bangla is premium quality. Taro Bangla believes that if we can provide quality and service our respected clients will be generous enough to invest and keep trust in Taro Bangla.