Runner Bike


Runner Bike price List in BD 2024

Bike Name Engine (CC) Price in BD
Runner AD 80S Deluxe85 cc BDT 69,000
Dayang Runner Bullet100.54 cc BDT 87,000
Runner Cheeta95.75 cc BDT 79,000
Runner AD 80S Alloy85 cc BDT 65,000
Runner F100-6A95.75 cc BDT 88,000
Runner Kite98.16 cc BDT 80,000
Runner Freedom108.47 cc BDT 1,10,000
Runner Royal Plus 110110 cc BDT 1,08,000
Runner Turbo 125125 cc BDT 1,35,000
Runner Bike RT86 cc BDT 55,000
Dayang Runner DY5049 cc BDT 72,000
Runner Turbo 125 Matte124.6 cc BDT 1,32,000
Runner Knight Rider150 cc BDT 1,59,000
Runner UM Nitrox100 cc
UM Runner Renegade Commando149 cc BDT 2,46,000
UM Runner Renegade Sport149 cc BDT 2,50,000
UM Runner Xtreet R 150149 cc BDT 1,60,000
Runner Bullet 100 v2100 cc BDT 1,06,000
Runner Knight Rider v2150 cc BDT 1,49,000
Runner Skooty 110104 cc BDT 99,000
Runner eWave Voltage BDT 85,000
Runner eWave Electrica BDT 75,000
Runner eWave Eco BDT 71,000
Runner Bolt 165R164.74 cc BDT 1,69,000
Runner Turbo V2124.84 cc BDT 1,33,000
Runner Royal Plus V2109.1 cc BDT 1,02,000
Runner AD-80S Deluxe V285 cc BDT 86,000
About Runner Bike

Runner is one of the major and the best selling motorbike brand in Bangladesh, this brand making a perfect way to make their business. They combine a perfect combination of the of the bike price with the quality. You will have no complain on the bike when you have the bike on your budget.

At present Runner is become a group of company, this company has spread its business in many ways that it no longer stopping only with the motorbike. As we have to say about the Runner Automobiles, it is the flagship company of the Runner group. This company was established in the year of 2000 with the 700 workers. It takes long 10 year to reach the success as the whole company standing in the position. They have to cost a huge amount of money to reach in the position that they holding now. In the recent time they are producing around 500 motorcycles in a day including 50cc to 150cc along with 4 series. This company now maintains 12 models of bike which are also produced daily in their factory by the routine. One of the most important parts of this company is, Runner automobiles creating a friendly environment for its dealer employee and also for the beginner, at the same time this company making their process to producing small and medium motorbikes parts and accessories. Already they are enhancing their process to establish a factory of it.

Spare parts including plastic materials, motorbike seat, cables of the brakes, clutch etc, battery tire, tube. Headlight, side cover, indicator light also included in the list of spare parts. These parts are used in the different models of the Runner Automobiles. As this company has a very good reputation in our country, they around 200 dealers with 400 distributions center all over the country. They are the highest seller in the domestic level. Runner Automobiles has possession of the market in some models of them, in which no one can merely compete with them. For more information you can visit their official website:

On the question about how they gain such popularity in the domestic market that any other company hardly can compete with them? As to answer this question, we have to know the level of the income of the people of our country. You know, maximum of the people of our country work very hard to make their day. The numbers of these people are so high that they cannot even think about the engine vehicle when it can cost them more than 1 lac or so. Runner automobiles just grab this point, they always producing their bike in a price range that is very much cost effective for the standard class people. This way they got the market of 80cc bikes. One more reason behind the fame of this company, most of the bike of Runner Automobiles is the standard bike. This makes this brand popular especially among the middle class people.