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H Power Bikes Price in Bangladesh

H Power Bikes Price List BD

Bike NameEngine (CC)MileagePrice in BD
H Power Max-Z149.7 cc 45 KmplBDT: 1,35,500
H Power Zaara 10098.4 cc 54 KmplBDT: 87,000
H Power Zaara 110106.67 cc 63 KmplBDT: 98,500
H Power Zaara 110 Digital106.67 cc 63 KmplBDT: 98,000
H Power RoxR150 cc 55 KmplBDT: 1,45,000
H Power Super R 100100 cc 50 KmplBDT: 70,000
CFMoto 150 NK149.4 cc 40 KmplBDT: 2,20,000
H Power CRZ 165165 cc BDT: 1,85,000
H Power CRF 150150 cc BDT: 1,50,000
H Power GP 165165 cc 45 KmplBDT: 1,85,000
H Power Rainbow 110110 cc 70 KmplBDT: 75,500
H Power Star 100100 cc BDT: 79,000
H Power Star 8080 cc 65 KmplBDT: 62,000
Loncin GP 150149.9 cc 50 KmplBDT: 1,80,000
H Power V Six123 cc 55 KmplBDT: 1,15,000
H Power Zaara DD8087 cc 60 KmplBDT: 68,000
H Power Escort 110110 cc BDT: 1,04,500
H Power Super R 110110 cc BDT: 75,000
H Power Escort 125125 cc BDT: 1,15,000
H Power HP 125125 cc BDT: 1,17,500
H Power in Bangladesh

H Power Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh. NEW GRAMEEN MOTORS has started its journey in the year 1995. We are manufacturing motorcycle. In the past 10 years, the company has invested a large amount of capital to introduce complete set of advanced production technology and equipment. Till now, our company's production capacity has reached 50,000 motorcycles per year. Our products cover 4 series of motorcycles ranging from 50cc to 150cc, and about 10 models of motorcycle. We have also tri-cycle, electric tri-cycle etc. We sell motorcycle and tri-cycle all over in the country.

Since inception by earning the good reputation, NEW GRAMEEN MOTORS has captured the domestic market as an avant-garde in this horizon. At present NEW GRAMEEN MOTORS has a lot of dealers and sales centre run by trained sales personnel. NEW GRAMEEN MOTORS is selling the high quality of Chinese origin motorcycles in the domestic market and expecting to export in the near future.